Guided Iguana and Caiman Hunts

Premier Iguana and Caiman Safari Experiences

We are proud to provide one of the premier iguana and caiman safari experiences found on the entire island of Puerto Rico.  Our Safaris are based out of our Ponce, Puerto Rico headquarters. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the most hunting locations on the island. For reference we have provided the map below to show our safari locations. We offer our customers a one day, three day or five day iguana safari adventure that is all inclusive (Food and Transportation not included).  We provide our customer with your rental rifle, pellets, professional experienced guide, lodging, and required licensing.  Caiman Safari’s ( Additional $600 with no guarantees) include  professional experienced guide, lodging, and required licensing. Caiman hunters are required to provide your own air rifle in a .357 caliber up to a .45 caliber and provide your pellets of your choice, or bow and arrow.

1-Day Safari $250

3-Day Safari $800

5-Day Safari $1250

Any three day or five day safari customer will have the opportunity to  take your iguana to LaVista Smoke House in Isabella, Puerto Rico to have it cooked and served.  LaVista Smoke House is the 2017 winner of the Best of the Best Barbecue Restaurants in the United States.

Our Average Iguana sizes range from 5 pounds to 35 pounds. The meat is described by some as tasting like chicken and to others its described to taste like scallops.  We hope you enjoy this action packed extreme sport of Iguana Safari while helping remove an invasive species from Puerto Rico and save the islands native birds and plants

What to expect:

multiple day hunts
  1. You will meetup with the guide(s) at the designated meetup spot at hunting area by 8:00 a.m. This will be provided to you prior to your arrival for the first day of hunting and at the end of each day of hunting for the next hunting day.
  2. Our guide(s) will help with checking your optics zero on your rifle prior to beginning the hunt, filling  magazines, assist in taking photos ( We don’t profess to be photographers) . We will bring a cold beverage for you and your hunting party.
  3. Our guide(s) will point out iguana to safely shoot, We will bring enough air to your location that will cover the average days worth of Iguana Hunting.
  4. Your lunch break is decided by the group and is usually one hour long. You can pack one or the guide(s) can show you a local place to eat.
  5. If it rains we will wait it out till we see if it will stop raining. If for some reason it  won’t let up, we will  call it a day. If it lets up we go back to hunting. Remember we are actively hunting in a predominately tropical rain forest.  We can not control the rain that will happen at some point or another during your visit to the island.
  6. Our  guide will change hunting grounds if they feel that client shooters are not getting good numbers. Most of the hunting grounds are within 15 minutes of each other.
  7. Our hunting stops at 4:00 p.m.  every day. If you want more time hunting we can accommodate you with an after-hours fee.
  8. If you need more pellets outside of the ones you get with you rifle rental we have extras on hand for sale.

Meet our Guides

My name is Felix, I was introduced to air gunning at an early age thru my father. As a teenager, I loved going into the woods with my Crossman 357-8 .177 pellet gun I had and just spend hours walking the woods of the Bronx / Yonkers borders and hunt squirrels. When I got older I started modifying and fixing Air Guns / rifles for friends of friends and it became a hobby, fast forward 20+ years and I’m full circle in Puerto Rico. Except this time the toys are better and the prey is larger. The green Iguana is a smart, agile, and abundant game which will give you a run for your money. It takes much skill to bring down an Iguana perched on a tree 30/40 feet, up in a tree with the limbs moving side to side from the warm tropical breeze. My expertise with these animals come from years of hunting them from farm to farm. Knowing their habits and behavior is necessary. I have the experience that can guide a person into a successful, safe, and fun exciting hunt.

Eric was one of the harvesters on our very first venture in Puerto Rico.  As a professional hunting and fishing guide, for the last 20 years, he has taught many about what the outdoors must offer.  He is a licensed falconer and, in addition, is called upon to rescue anything from bald eagles to white tailed deer and ensure that they get to the correct rehabilitation facility.  Married to his high school Sweetheart for over 32 years, they reside on Maryland’s eastern shore, hunting, and fishing the famed Chesapeake Bay.

Jim grew up in New England hunting and was always drawn to nature as a small kid.  He got in to the harvesting business to help Countries with invasive pest animals.  As a professional pest management shooter in Arizona he brings his skills to this environment and passes it on to the customers for real fun and knowledgeable hunts.  These modern-day PCP Air Rifles are amazing tools for this craft.

“Have Gun Will Travel”.