Q: Would you recommend a hat; and if so what type?


A: YES! a ball cap is good but some like to wear a bush hat.


Q: Will we need rain gear?


A: You can bring it along in back pack just encase.


Q: How heavy of clothing?


A: Jeans are great and light weight long sleeve shirt.


Q: Should we dress in multiple layers?


A: Dress for warm, humid weather.


Q: Will we be needing gloves for any reason?


A: We will provide you with gloves if you like.


Q: Are there refrigerators, microwaves and/or ovens in the rooms?


A: We do not supply any rooms or accommodations now. But we do keep several coolers with ice that you can keep you cold goods in.


Q: Do we hunt rain or shine?


A: No, we only hunt when it’s not raining. If it does rain we will rescheduled the hunt for another day.


Q: Can we tip the guides?


A: YES! they would sure appreciate that. Tell them how they did good or bad. Our goal is to make sure you had a safe and successful hunt also a good time.


Q: How are the iguanas prepared when we have them shipped back to us?  (Skinned, deboned, etc.)


A: The Iguana are cleaned, skinned, and quartered. You will get tail and limbs; the body is discarded.


Q: Is it costly to have the iguanas shipped back?


A: No, its $3.00 pound including packaging.


Q: How long may I keep them frozen?


A: Up to 3 month we would say. We offer for a vacuum packed for an additional $1.00 a pound, this will keep up to 75% longer in a freezer.


Q: What type of boots are most comfortable and supportive for the trip?


A: We recommend lace up boots like a cross trainer or hiking models.


Q: Will we be eating some of the iguana during our hunt?


A: Yes, if you trip is three days or more. We tend to have BBQ of iguana and some great local dishes with it.


Q: What about insect repellent?  Along those lines, what will we need?


A: We have this with us and are willing to share. You can bring your own. We recommend Off Deep Woods.