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Guided Iguana and Caiman Hunts
Premier Iguana and Caiman Safari Experiences We are proud to provide one of the premier iguana and caiman safari experiences found on the entire island of Puerto Rico.  Our Safaris are based out of our...
About Us
If you’re looking for a challenging hunt, you must try hunting a green iguana, by far one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have on any hunting trip, pound for pound. The green iguana...
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Iguana: Why Hunt Them in Puerto Rico

Why This Invasive Iguana Is Bad for Puerto Rico
“Over the past few years, Puerto Rico has been dealing with an exploding iguana population. Originally brought to the island as pets, the lizards now outnumber people and are wreaking havoc on agriculture, infrastructure, and even air traffic, causing millions of dollars in damages. Since the reptiles have no natural predators in Puerto Rico to control the population, conservationists are seeking alternative ways of combating the problem. “ National Geographic

Puerto Rico has a massive iguana problem.  These reptiles cause destruction on a scale of millions of dollars a year. From collapsing roads, buildings, airstrips, pools and just about every man-made structure with their cavernous egg dens. They are also destroying agriculture and consuming resources other, smaller native lizards need to survive. The island’s iguana population is a very real danger to the economy and ecosystem of the island. To the fruit farmer, iguanas can mean the loss of their whole crop. They consume fruit and the flowering blossoms that produce the fruit. Disaster can come from even a single iguana in a tree, as fruit damaged by a lizard’s tail is unable to be sold at market. They are found on the entire island, and provided with ideal habitat and climate, and lack of a natural predator to keep them under control, iguanas are poised to call Puerto Rico home indefinitely.

Iguana and Caiman Guided Safari

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We are proud to offer you the Premier Iguana and Caiman Safari Guide Service on the entire island of Puerto Rico. We offer our customers the only all-inclusive green iguana and caiman hunting experience.  We are a veteran owned and operated company offering exotic Iguana and Caiman Hunting Safari’s in South-East, South-West, and North-West Puerto Rico since 2014. We are proud to offer our customers the largest selection of secured farm land and wooded shooting areas on the island thru our relationships we have cultivated with farmers, and local government agencies. We are proud to offer you the Newest Most Extreme Shooting Sport that is fast paced and interactive in Exotic Puerto Rico.

Enjoy Hunting Invasive Green Iguanas and Caiman.

We cater to smaller groups offering more shooting opportunities to each hunter to harvest more Iguanas. Each shooter is offered instructions on harvesting iguana under a conversational standpoint utilizing invasive species humane harvesting techniques. We solely utilize air rifles in our safari’s. We utilize .177 and .22 caliber air rifles for close in harvesting work, .25 caliber for longer shots on Iguana’s. We utilize .357 caliber and Bow and Arrow for our Caiman hunts. Hunters are welcomed to bring you own Air Rifles to our Safari’s. For Iguana Safari’s you’re limited to .177 to .25 caliber. For Caiman, we limit you to .357 caliber to .45 caliber air rifle or Bow and Arrows.  Our Farm Safaris are geared more towards lower impact sportsmen who are geared more towards lower fitness levels. If it’s an Extreme Sports Safari your searching for, look no further as our wood land safari’s offer the ultimate shooting opportunity in quantity, however require the utmost level of physical fitness.  Sign up now for the newest craze in shooting sports while lowering the islands invasive species.

About Us

If you’re looking for a challenging hunt, you must try hunting a green iguana, by far one of the most enjoyable experiences you will have on any hunting trip, pound for pound. The green iguana in Puerto Rico is an invasive animal and is creating serious problems on the island, from undermining roads to eating farmers’ crops. Come join us for an Exotic hunting trip that you’ll remember forever: shooting these large pests and helping the Island regain its balance. Air rifles are used which shoot pellets. We can provide the rifles and ammo for these hunts on a daily rental. You’re welcomed to bring your own air rifle, if it is .177 caliber – .25 caliber for this hunt. We offer 3-day to 5-day hunts; and if you’re itching for more, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. A guide will pick you up at a designated place, from there, you are transported to and from the hunting spots. If you have never have eaten iguana, you’re in for a treat, we can clean some of it and ship it home for you, as well (For Additional Fees).

Client Reviews


“A few weeks ago, I went on my first iguana hunt would like to share my experience and observations with you.   This past February I was suffering from a healthy dose of cabin fever when I got a call from a buddy (Jim with inviting me to hunt iguanas with him in Puerto Rico.    Jim is a pro at pesting so I figured if iguana hunting wasn’t that exciting I could learn a lot from him and enjoy the warm weather.   Well I learned a lot and had a fantastic time hunting iguanas.   There were many more iguanas than I was expecting.   The island is overrun.   They are everywhere there are trees, water and sand.   I spotted them driving down the highway and sitting having a lunch at Burger King.    The best hunting is typically in the dominant trees on a property.   The tend to congregate on the highest branches in the midday and afternoon to warm up in the sun.   I was not unusual to find 25-30 iguanas in the 4-20 lb range in one tree.    When they see you coming many will try to hide so you have to look real hard to spot them.   I have hunted all my life and have gotten quite good at spotting game.   However, switching to iguanas was like starting all over again.  One of the buddies Jim and I were hunting with was from the area and has hunted them all his life.   He was easily spotting 20 to my 1 that first day.   By day 3 it was more like 4 – 1.  It really takes some time to know where to look and what to look for.   What amazed me most was how hard they were to kill.   I was shooting a Matador .25 at 47 fpe and a medium sized iguana could take 5-6 or more solid hits to the chest and still keep climbing.   Shots to the area between the eye and ear and the base of the neck would usually stop them with one shot and even a .177 cal shooting at 12 fpe would stop them dead if you hit them in the right spot.  If their head was hidden, we often took chest shots to get them moving with a follow up head shot.  Most shots were off hand between 25 – 50 yards and frequently required knowing the exact trajectory of you pellet to slide the shot over one limb, under another limb and on to the target.    It made for some real challenging shooting and lots of satisfaction when you pulled a good shot off.   Jim is a long-range shooter and he was popping them regularly over 90 yards.   We would hunt all morning and have lunch at a local road side lunch establishment.    Then hunt until late afternoon.    Everyone we met on the trip was amazingly friendly and helpful.   I had a great time and hope to go back soon.     Here are some helpful suggestions to anyone considering giving iguana hunting a try for the first time.


Air travel with an air gun has legal requirements. It must be degassed and checked in as a firearm.   Jim recently posted a short video on this and it tells you all you need to know.   You can check his video out at……   Also, I had some pellets in my carry-on luggage.  The TSA agents I ran into did not know what to make of pellets.   I almost had to leave them behind but finally a manager came over that owned a Crossman 760 when he was a kid.   He gave me the OK but from now on I will keep them in the case with the gun.  PS Jim has a bunch of great pesting videos worth checking out.  They can be found by clicking here.

I believe you do not need a hunting license if you hunt on private land but you do need a license to hunt up public land. The license costs $25 and has shooting and safety tests and is good for 1 year.     It may take a day or so to get one on your own. 

Make sure you have solid permission to hunt on any given property. Jim took me to properties he had well established hunting permissions on and even then, at some point on every hunt someone checked in on us.   It was either a phone call to Jim and in other cases someone pulled up in a vehicle.    Just make sure you are clear to hunt on any property you access.    Someone will be checking in on you.

I would not attempt to set up a hunt on your own on your first hunt. It takes a while to figure out all the logistics and keep it fun.   Jim can help with this and his website can be found at …….   After you have done some hunting there you will know if and how to do it on your own if you wish to go that route.

Bring plenty of pellets, long pants, and shirts for walking through the brush, sunglasses, baseball cap, camouflage is not necessary, a cooler with ice and plenty of bottled water on every outing, mid height boots, gun repair and degassing tools. Also, I strongly recommend that you bring a laser pointer strong enough that it can be seen in day light.   It will incredibly helpful in helping everyone share the location of spotted iguanas.”  Chris Zarba


“I recently took a vacation to Puerto Rico and the highlight of the trip was hunting with Jim and his friends at It was an incredible experience and I will definitely be coming back specifically to hunt more iguanas. Thanks again for everything!”  Phillip Solano Weapons Systems

Here at we utilize air rifles only and require the utmost precision in the weapons systems we utilize for the removal of the invasive Green Iguana and Caiman.  We have tested and tried many weapons systems and below are the cream of the crop.

Daystate Air Ranger Extreme

Capable of muzzle energies up to  an awesome 70 ft/lbs in .25 (Air Ranger Extreme), Daystate is able to present a new breed of highly accurate pneumatic for the hunter; one that delivers extreme power that’s unrivaled by any other air rifle, and which allows you to shoot at ranges normally associated with small bore firearms.

Rapid Air Weapons HM1000x .357

Rapid Air Weapons HM1000x has been made for the hunter that wants the best with maximum power, natural progression has led us to the extra high power version of the HM1000 which is already in production, a side lever cocking rifle with a precision mechanism which enables even the highest-powered versions to be cocked with minimal effort, the HM1000x has a new high power stainless valve system which has allowed for extreme regulated powers



Address :

Booking Office: 1316 W. Amanda Lane Tempe Arizona 85284

Hunting Office: Calle Drive Virgilio Biaggi, Ponce, 00717, Puerto Rico





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